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Retirement Planning

Roots: Retirement Planning

This platform is all about income and investments.

Minimum Planning Fee: $1,000 for initial plan

Retirement Income Planning

At the core, retirement planning is about two things: Reaching and Maintaining Financial Independence. In other words, do we have enough money to afford our current standard of living? We work with our clients to develop strategies to ensure various assets and income sources are coordinated with one another. 

Our job is to help you clearly identify your goals and create a plan towards your financial independence.

Investment Planning

When it comes to investing, it is now easier than ever to obtain information. But, with all of the information available, how do you ensure your investments are in line with your specific goals? Our job is to help define your investment objectives and risk tolerance. Once those are established, we analyze your existing portfolio and provide recommendations to ensure you are invested efficiently.

The finished product is a one of a kind investment portfolio completely tailored to you and your goals.