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Message from Michael Lockwood, CFP®, CRPC®

Message from Michael Lockwood, CFP®, CRPC®

No two clients are the same. They come from different backgrounds, different life struggles, different life accomplishments, different life experiences. Some have done a great job of preparing for retirement or their next phase, some may not be quite as ready.  Most are not sure of the work they have already done and are looking for guidance or reassurance. This is where our team comes into play.

Our goals for each of our clients is simple.  We listen intently, empathize and partner with them to come up with the solutions that best make sense for their individual situation. Many times, this is an educational process. While there may be a place for it, we do not believe in one and done relationships. Many of our clients have been with our firm for well over 30 years and we are now working with their children, siblings or parents. This is why the oak tree is so prominent in our branding. We intend to grow with our clients from that initial seed that was first planted during our Discovery Meeting. As the relationship develops, that initial seed becomes a firm, healthy tree. The growth of the oak tree will have challenges along the way, but the continual nurture and love, and a healthy base, is what keeps the tree strong through many generations.

Our mission is simply to make those around us better. Retirement and Financial Planning can be confusing and overwhelming.  We work hard to make this world a little less complicated. Through partnerships, we help our clients understand their options and their next steps. We do this in an environment that encourages questions and dialogue to better understand each other. Our process gives our clients the confidence to move forward and help them to sleep a bit better at night. 

It is my intention that every visitor to our site is able to easily attain the type of information and knowledge about our firm that they seek. As the founder of this practice I am very proud of our track record over the years. Over this period of time we have worked diligently to meet the needs and objectives of our clients. Still, we are always striving to improve our depth of knowledge and quality of service by leveraging the use of technology and communication in reaching our clients and their families.

There is nothing more important to me than earning and maintaining the trust, confidence and respect of my clients. I have built my firm, chosen my affiliation with a premier financial planning firm and staffed my practice to achieve this end. Our group is housed in our new Spectrum Center office in Irvine, CA, but as an active member of The Resource Group™, a internal, invitation only national network of elite financial professionals within Lincoln Financial Advisors, I have access and the ability to collaborate with my vast network of colleagues for the benefit of my clients and their unique situations.

Enjoy your visit to our website, and please feel free to contact me or anyone on my team if we can be of direct assistance to you or your family.

Mike Lockwood, CFP®, CRPC®

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