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Oak: Comprehensive Financial Planning

Oak: Comprehensive Financial Planning

Our most comprehensive planning platform. 

Oak Planning Fee Minimum: $2,500 for initial plan

Retirement Income Planning

At the core, retirement planning is about two things: Reaching and Maintaining Financial Independence. In other words, do we have enough money to afford our current standard of living? We work with our clients to develop strategies to ensure various assets and income sources are coordinated with one another. 

Our job is to help you clearly identify your goals and create a plan towards your financial independence.

Investment Planning

When it comes to investing, it is now easier than ever to obtain information. But, with all of the information available, how do you ensure your investments are in line with your specific goals? Our job is to help define your investment objectives and risk tolerance. Once those are established, we analyze your existing portfolio and provide recommendations to ensure you are invested efficiently.

The finished product is a one-of-a-kind investment portfolio completely tailored to you and your goals. 

Estate Planning

The estate planning landscape is complex and constantly changing. Seemingly inconsequential decisions can potentially lead to costly taxes and fees for your heirs down the road. Time to review your documents!

Through our estate planning process, we provide a review of your current estate documents and provide guidance on areas such as asset titling, property ownership, and distribution strategies.

Many of our clients come to us having done some work with an estate attorney in the past. We're happy to meet with them. Need a referral to an attorney? We can get you in touch. 

Generational Wealth Planning

When planning for the future, a unique challenge is making sure your money is prepared to be inherited by your family. Just as important is making sure your family is prepared to inherit your money. With a sound generational wealth plan in place, we help ensure a smooth transfer of wealth from one generation to the next. 

Through our cloud-based document vaulting services, we can easily share important documents with your successor trustees and Power of Attorneys.

Plan Protection

A great plan takes into account threats to its security. Without a doubt, we have all experienced life events that forced us to adjust our initial plan. Is your family OK if you passed away prematurely? How would a long-term injury or illness affect your finances? Long-term care costs are rising rapidly, how do you manage this risk?

Once we’ve identified the gaps and answered these types of questions, our team will bring you competitive solutions tailored to your specific situation.  


Executive Benefits Planning

Do you have questions on your stock options?  Do you know what to do with your deferred compensation plan? We have experience analyzing stock options, pensions, deferred compensation plans, and more.

We'll provide a complete analysis of the benefits provided by your employer. We can then design a plan and make recommendations on how to maximize these benefits in coordination with your other planning.


Please Read Disclosure: Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp. and its representatives do not provide legal or tax advice. You may want to consult a legal or tax advisor regarding any legal or tax information as it relates to your personal circumstances.